I’m listening to music that I stole from my sister-in-law Joanne to put on my playlist below and deciding that I’d better update my blog.  Music tends to tickle my writing instinct, I don’t know why, but I’ll use any excuse I can get. 
School starts on Tuesday and so I’m starting to think more academically again, and thinking about writing.  Getting an A in my nonfiction writing class makes me think that really what I need, more than inspiration (which is still nice, but scarce) is just to WORK on writing something.  Anything.  I keep seeing books out there that make me think, “oh someone has already written a book about that idea,” but when it comes down to it there are almost NO new ideas, just new angles, and I’m as capable of thinking of them as anyone.  So first thing I’m going to do is post the essays that I wrote for that class last semester here.  Then I’m going to go think of something to write.  And I’m going to write it. 

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