New Car!

Well we finally sold our truck. Part of me misses it, just to be stubbornly sentimental, but most of me is ecstatic. I shouldn’t have hated that truck, but I did. It rode rough (needed new shocks) and I had problems with the stick shift and the air bag didn’t work and it needed new brakes and it didn’t have enough room. SO…to replace it we did a lot of research. Research on models of cars and sales and things like that. Narrowed it down to either a used Subaru Forester or a used Ford Escape Hybrid, since I wanted more room and Jake wanted better gas mileage. Couldn’t find anything local so we were preparing to have to travel a bit to get one, but we needed some ‘hands on’ of different models. So we went to a couple of dealerships to check them out, and lo and behold, one of them had just had a ’07 Subaru Forester traded in that day. It was LOADED with extra features that we didn’t really need, but the idea of buying locally rather than traveling a few hundred miles was overly appealing to us. We haggled quite a bit and got it down to a manageable payment and now we have a lovely, loaded, pearly white ’07 Subaru Forester. I’ll post pictures of it at soon as I remember to take a picture in the daylight.

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