New genealogy page

I recently updated the genealogy I have posted online.  Here is a link to it.  Not only is it WAY cleaner, with many more duplicates merged and a couple of names better verified, but it’s much nicer to go through because I did it with a new program called RootsMagic, which so far is WAY better than PAF.  If you hadn’t seen the genealogy I posted before, it was a pain to go through.  This new stuff puts it together in pedigree chart style, with links to sources and details and everything else.  When it comes to doing genealogy in general. RootsMagic makes it way easier to check with and to check and merge duplicates and do research in general.  They have a free version, which is good for just trying it out, but I recommend, if you are serious about genealogy, to be a big spender and fork out the $29.95 for the full version.

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