No Institute for Me. :(

For those of you not members of my church, Institute is religious instruction offered to 18-30 year old members and generally associated with a college or university.  I attended and graduated from Institute during my years at the University of Oklahoma and I LOVED it, so much so that I attended for a few more years when I moved up to Boise.
However, when I started going back to school last year here at BSU, I was reluctant to take Institute classes again.  Too much trouble and bother, I thought.  But parking here at the university is horrendous, and institute parking is close to campus and free, so I signed up for classes again.  I found that the classes were wonderful and enlightening, a highlight to my day.
Today, however, when I showed up to sign up for classes, I found that they have instituted a new rule: no more taking institute classes if you are over 35.  Which I am.  They gave me a parking permit anyway, which was awfully generous of them, but even though it meets my original desires from last year, I am saddened.  Now how am I going to get my uplift before class?  Sigh.

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