Plot Hole O’ the Week

For some reason, sometimes I like to watch dumb shows. You know, the shows that are so incredibly stupid that you can find huge problems in them without even thinking about it, and you can’t even say why you watch it, but you watch it anyway? Maybe it’s just for a reason to complain, I don’t know. But right now the show that falls under this category is ‘Moonlight’ on Friday nights on CBS. It’s dumb. REALLY dumb. But I keep watching it. And just about every week I find some huge gaping plot hole or other dumbness to whine about, but I still watch it. Sigh.

I’m not going to go over past plot holes, but I’ll tell you this week’s, just for kicks. OK, so they are after this teenage vampire, right? And they find this clue in his apartment of a picture of him with some 19th century prostitutes. Well, in past episodes they reaffirmed the ‘vampire fact’ of not being able to take traditional pictures of vampires (though they can take ‘digital’ pictures of them. DUMB! OK sorry that was past weeks…anyway…), so we know that that picture had to be taken of the vampire BEFORE he was turned into a vampire. But later in the show, this vampire reveals that he is 197 years old. Assuming that he was 16 when he was turned, then he was born in about 1826 and the picture was taken about 1842. However, if you research photography, you can see that photography wasn’t developed well enough by 1842 for widespread use (and this was a photograph, not a daguerreotype) , and certainly not common enough for taking a picture of a farmhand and a bunch of prostitutes that are obviously dressed in LATE nineteenth-century garb. IOW, big plot oops. Unless one of y’alls has a good explanation and wants to share it with the rest of the class. 🙂

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