It’s cold and gray and rainy today.  I love it.  I love living in a place that’s not hot and humid from April through October.  It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow though — sunnier and a bit warmer, but not hot.  We’re going to have a barbecue with our neighbors and I’m excited.  I feel like the weather is helping me slowly build up my functionality, like I can do a little more today than I did yesterday.  We can ALL do a little better today than we did yesterday, but sometimes it’s a little harder than at other times.  I planted flowers in my big flower pot out front yesterday and we’ll work more in the yard tomorrow — it’s almost as rewarding as temple work, but even harder to make myself do it!  But there’s just something about being outside DOING things when the weather is fine that seems to fulfill a measure of our creation.  Ahhhhh.

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  1. It ended up being great even though it ended up raining on us. We went inside and ate chocolate cake and played spicy farkle till bedtime. Yay!


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