Writing is FUN!

Well it is.  Sometimes.
As I prepare for life after school (again) and being out in the ‘real world’ (again), I am practicing my writing — not just for the sake of getting better, but for the sake of getting it done.  My old friend Katie, who is also a writer, is doing this with me where we ‘meet’ online 2-3 times a week and encourage each other.  It’s surprisingly effective.  I’ve actually added 20-25 pages to my book in the last couple of months and am getting closer and closer to rough-draft done.  I’m also reading more, which has been hard for YEARS, but is necessary for good writing.  Good writing is hard.  I’m not talking about grammar and spelling and how-do-you-decide-what’s-a-paragraph.  I’m talking effective, emotional writing that draws the reader in and really conveys a story well.  If I think about it much, I freeze up, but if I just DO it, it gets done.  Slowly but surely.  And hopefully well.

Speaking of which, I’m still looking for beta readers for my story.  It’s about 215 pages right now, will be about 300 or so when it’s done.  The last 20-25 pages are very rough, but right now I’m working on finishing, not polishing.  I need good eyes to find glaring inconsistencies and who are able to ask questions that need to be answered in the text.  If you’re interested, post a comment below.


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