A New Blog Post — so stressful!

I was called on the carpet today for blogging so infrequently. So I am posting a post.

I was watching Cranky Geeks with my husband (yes I occasionally feed my geek roots) and they mentioned that the honorable (snort) NY Times is talking about how stressful blogging is, since there was some evidence of three deaths of bloggers. I say, of course it’s stressful! Why do you think I blog so infrequently?! Oh, the pain! Having to think of new things to rant about! It’s not easy! Especially if you are like me and you want to say something meaningful. How can I say anything meaningful if we’re still suffering the repercussions of the writer’s strike on TV? I mean, really!

Seriously, I guess some of my news was that I didn’t get accepted to the Master’s program in Creative Writing at Boise State. Turns out they wanted something unique and original, not necessarily well written, who knew? So now I has to write something new and original for next year. And grammar be darned.

Other than that, I have finally joined the ranks of social networking and jumped on Facebook today. I didn’t want to. But tons of my friends and family are there. I couldn’t help myself. It’s not my fault! Stop looking at me like that!

I’m gonna go be unproductive elsewhere. See yas.

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