Why I Blog (or, why I don’t Blog So Much)

I’m not a very good blogger. Obviously. Other people have a hobby or interest that they blog about. News comes up on that topic, then they comment on it and bring it to people’s attention. I don’t do that. Blogging to me is generally an effusion of emotion, something that has built up for a while that I feel I need to say something about. Then, IF you are lucky, I will remember that I even have a blog so I have a place to raise my voice, and I will post here. But it seems like most of my good ideas are lost to the sands of time.

Honestly, I blame my depression for a lot of my silence: so very very little seems worth interest, let alone talking about. It’s very difficult. But a lot of the blame comes from backlash from the overwhelming diarrhea of the mouth I had for so many years. I grew up without many boundaries. Throughout college and for a few years afterwards I just said whatever came to mind. This got me into serious trouble a few times and lost me some friendships. It reached the point where I became very wary of my tongue, not just because of the hurt it could cause and the inappropriate things it would say, but also because I realized I was annoying with my endless chatter. I grew to hate my mouth. So I have gone in something of an opposite direction…unless I have a good reason to say something, I keep it to myself. Good or bad? I guess that’s for you to decide. But for you blog addicts, I guess it could be considered a bad thing. 🙂

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