Book arts!

I got my supplies for my book arts class today and I’m excited.  So far for class we’ve explored a little bookmaking, and looked at some ancient books from the BSU special collections, and explored papermaking from a great papermaker out in Mountain Home.  Everything has been interesting and informative, but I have to say that this would be even MORE fun if I wasn’t being graded on it — but I wouldn’t be very motivated if I wasn’t being graded on it, either.  Even though it’s cool stuff, it’s hard for me to find motivation without the ‘threat’ of bad grades. 

My writing class is still awesome.  I’m excited about taking the same class from the same professor again next semester. 

But all this boils down to motivation.  I’m not working as hard and consistently as I need to on things.  By ‘things’ I mean EVERYTHING — housework, homework, personal enrichment, everything.  I’ve talked to my counselor about this, particularly when it has to do with my perfectionism, and what I need to basically do is have a simple to-do list that I complete every day.  It’s that simple.  It’s not about being perfect, though much of me wants to be perfect and scares me away from trying anything at all.  I can do little things.  It’s work, but I can do them.  So I downloaded the Franklin Covey app on my phone.  It’s only a so-so app so far, but it helps me prioritize my to-dos.  Now I just need to DO things.  Slowly but surely, I will win this race!

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