School school school

I worked for like 4 hours on bookmaking today.  It was fun, but also frustrating because I couldn’t get more done because I keep finding little things that I need.  But mostly it was fun. 🙂  Sometimes hobbies like this are hard because the little stuff isn’t fun, but you have to do it to practice so you’re good enough for the big stuff.
But even the little stuff is pretty fun with this, and it’s good practice for me with my stupid perfectionist attitude too.

I found the perfect present for my brother for Christmas today, but I can’t tell you what it is because you’ll snitch.  but I’m way excited about it.

I made fancy caramel apples with my visiting teachers this week.  MAN they are tasty!  I was afraid that spending too much money on ingredients wouldn’t make a difference but it sure did!  Now I need to find someone to save me from them and their high glycemic index. 😛

Boy are you guys lucky I’m having writer’s block for my writing class!  Without it I would be typing away on my story instead of typing away in here.  Monday I enroll for next semester and if all goes well I’ll have the same professor next semester.  He’s very good.

If any of you want to read the chapters I’m working on for my writing class just let me know and I’ll shoot them to you, I need all the help I can get.

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