Bursts of creativity

Friday morning I woke up early wanting to cross stitch. Such bursts of energy and enthusiasm are extremely rare with this particular depression of mine, so I got up and found all my old cross stitch stuff, found a pattern I liked, and determined that I was just in need of white embroidery floss. So after the local fabric store opened I called them to determine if they had the floss, which they did, and I went down to pick it up. I felt dumb just writing a check for 50 cents though so I browsed and bought some sock yarn and needles (I already have the book, now I just need the guts to try something as intimidating as socks) and a loverly swatch of oriental panels.

Now, I don’t sew. I’m terrible at quilting. But in this burst of energy I bought those panels anyway, so I was going to need help. So I went to my good friend Amber and she helped me go back to the store and find matching material. She is a MASTER quilter, so yesterday I also went to her house and she helped me plan, cut, and sew the whole top for this project together! In one day! Normally something like that would take me, oh, about 3 years, as my friends and family will attest to. I’m excited about it now. Maybe it will take me less than a year to finish! Wouldn’t that be a miracle! How do you like it?

3 thoughts on “Bursts of creativity”

  1. i like it! and so efficient too. i try to only take on projects that can be done in a day or two because that's about how long i have the patience for stuff befor getting bored and giving up.


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