Poor kitties!

It’s tax refund season, so it’s time to take care of the cats with their annual shots, bloodwork, and teeth cleaning. We have to wait until tax season because it’s GOL-DURNED EXPENSIVE. Most people I talk to say that they wouldn’t spend that much on cats, but they are our babies. If we had been able to have children of our own things might have been different, but as it is we want them to have as long and as comfortable a life as possible so we buy them the good food, get them their shots, and get their teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, one of the things that is required to get their teeth cleaned is they have to be knocked out. (Crud, just trying to get them in place so the vet can get to them gives me huge scratches, so I can understand why they have to be sedated!) After much yowling, and then sedation, then cleaning, we laid them out on the living room floor so they could be comfortable and safe when they woke up. However, they looked so pitiful that my nephew Jeff couldn’t resist taking pictures, so here they are. Three dead-looking kitties. I’m glad they forgave me after a few hours…but then, they didn’t know that I was going to post pictures of their stupor on the internet for the world to see, did they?

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