This is embarrassing (and yet I’m telling it to the world on my blog wheeeee) but some of my church friends came by today and helped me clean my house.  With depression, school and barbershop lately it has just gotten out of control and I REALLY needed the help.  This made me think about a lot of things.

  1. It takes humility and guts to ask for and/or receive help.  All of us need help every now and again, but how many of us are able to ask for it?  And really, how can we love and help one another if no one is willing to admit they actually need the help?
  2. Charity (being the pure love of Christ) is a wonderful thing.  I’m so grateful to those women who came by to help me today.
  3. Pure religion is a great way to show Charity.  I mean, I REALLY wouldn’t have felt comfortable asking school mates or barbershop members to come help clean my house.  But when you’re part of an organization based on teachings like loving and serving one another, it makes things a lot easier.  
  4. One of the humbling parts of receiving charity is you can see some ways you can do things better.  Boy I saw a lot of things I could do better today!  Mostly my homework, but oh well.

Then I turned around and called a friend of mine who has been struggling and hopefully I was able to be a good listening ear.  So it all comes around.  Hopefully as I do better (see #4), my capacity will increase, and as my capacity increases I will be able to help others more and need less help myself.  But if not, it’s still okay, because God will make things right in the end.  If I didn’t believe that, I would be quite miserable with how behind I am. 

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  1. I am going to two doctors appointments a week right now (not life threatening). I am utilizing lots of charity. it was hard, but I am feeling so much support that the original distress is long gone. hang in there. you are not the only one who needs help, and you can give plenty.


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