Just checking in. The house is still pretty clean, mostly. Though I need to clean the bathrooms again. I still play World of Warcraft, though only about 30-60 minutes/day, max. Writing is slow. Have switched to a new book about the spirit world. May be interesting. May not. Depression still sucks. Haven’t been exercising enough lately. Been listening to a LOT of music lately, especially a lot of Girlyman and The Weepies. And Coldplay. And a little R.E.M. thrown in for good measure, as always.
Our ward was just split. They made 2 new wards in our stake and adjusted the boundaries on almost every ward in it. We lost some good acquaintances, as our old neighborhood is now in a brand new ward and we’re still in the old ward. Even though the growth around here has slowed considerably, our stake is still bursting at the seams, as we now have SIXTEEN wards! Crazy!
Oh, I found something cool yesterday called You can buy gift certificates for lots of good restaurants for CHEAP. There’s restrictions, but for the most part they seem pretty reasonable.
Otherwise I’m ready for the winter to be over. While I like the cold, the darkness and lack of green is getting to me. I want to see some life again.

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