God is GREAT

      Sunday for my birthday my husband got me speakers/dock for my iPod touch which he got for me last Christmas. In my excitement, I wanted to show my friend and neighbor today, so I brought them to her house and we were listening to music. I was really stupid and though we were in a corner, there was a small area the cord stretched across. My friend’s 3 year old decided she wanted to run around and either jump over or duck under the cord, and though I tried to stop her I wasn’t firm enough and she pulled the dock with the iPod in it to the floor.
     Long story short, the iPod was broken. My husband was angry with me and my friends were mortified (they have been out of work so they couldn’t afford to fix it), and I felt terrible. So I did the only thing I could think of: I prayed. I know it was a silly thing, I know it’s an extra that I don’t need, and I should just suck it up and do without, but I felt awful and I wanted it to work again. I explained all this to Heavenly Father, I told him how we couldn’t afford to replace it nor could our friends, but I would really be happy if He would fix it.  
     So I tried some stuff and decided to take it to the Apple store to see if they could at least give us a diagnostic. 

And you know what happened?

The guy who was looking at it said, ‘well, since you bought it used you didn’t have a chance to get the extended warranty, and I can see it wasn’t your fault. Normally this is broken enough you would just have to replace it. But I’m going to override that in the system today and just advise you to get the warranty next time.” And he replaced the iPod. For free. Even though I didn’t NEED it. I just wanted it.

Heavenly Father does listen to my prayers. MY prayers, even. And He extends His tender mercies.

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