The best birthday party EVER

Today is my fortieth birthday.  I decided, esp. after talking to people, that I had to party otherwise I would just sit around and sulk and feel old.  So I reserved the church and invited everyone that I knew and ordered 2 big cakes (a chocolate mousse one from Costco and a raspberry cheesecake ice cream cake from Cold Stone creamery mmmmmmmmm) and planned a big shindig.  It was AWESOME.  There was about 100 people that showed up and about everyone had someone to talk to, which was good because I was so busy saying hi to everyone!  My brother and his family even came up from Provo!  Luckily other people took pictures because I didn’t have time.  I got lots of presents, mostly dishrags and body wash, which means I’m stinky and my kitchen’s a mess. ;P  I also got Starcraft 2 from my brothers, which is awesome because now we can play together online.  Even though when we tried that yesterday we died EVERY SINGLE TIME.  So I guess the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday isn’t so bad after all. 🙂

1 thought on “The best birthday party EVER”

  1. Happy birthday, Dy! Glad you had an awesome cool party. I will remember it as the anniversary of your 18th birthday, when Eden and I chalked the sidewalks at OU in your honor. I refuse to discuss how long ago that was. In my mind, it was only yesterday! Love ya!


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