Knitting addiction and catching up

First, let’s catch up. I did ok on the GRE. Got a 680 on the verbal, and I only needed a 500 for the program I’m trying to get into, so I think I’m good. Hooray! I won’t mention my computational score. It’s horrifically embarrassing, esp. for someone who took calculus in college for an easy ‘A’.

Otherwise, I’m in a knitting frenzy lately. I keep buying yarn and making stuff with it. The Christmas projects I can excuse, even though I committed myself to too many of them. But every time I see a baby lately I feel compelled to knit them little fruit hats like this one pictured here. And why, yes, it IS pictured on a cute little kitty! So my hands are cramping up from too much knitting. But it’s so ding-danged compelling. Look, ma, I made my own material into something cute, just from this piece of string!

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