Another plot hole or two

Man, this Moonlight show is just a plethora of plot holes! I love it! It gives me something to blog about like EVERY WEEK.

Ok, this week’s main plot was irritatingly contradictory. Two weeks ago the rule was established that the way you are ‘turned’ into a vampire is by drinking a vampire’s blood. Well this week, they brought out a new human drug made of, you guessed it, vampire’s blood. There is no explanation as to why this doesn’t turn any of the people who drink it, though we are left to assume that the silver (which is poisonous to vampires in this branch of the mythos) in the mixture somehow voids that basic rule. So not exactly completely a plot hole, but enough of a ‘gee let’s just make up the rules as we go along’ item that it’s irritating.

Another vampire ‘fact’ that has been established is that they cannot eat human food. Why they can’t is never explained, but it has come up in multiple episodes that often vampires pine for the food they enjoyed when they were human. If this were simply a case of the food doing them no good, logic dictates that they could still enjoy the food, eat it, pass it, whatever, even if they couldn’t get anything from it, but no, we are told that they cannot eat it. Dumb rule if you ask me (esp. since it contradicts all other vampire mythos I have seen, though I will admit I am no expert), but ok. It is often shown that Mick won’t even drink coffee or the like. However, near the end of this week’s episode, Mick is seen drinking some alcoholic beverage and sharing it with his vampire friend. Um, if you can’t eat human food or drink human drink, when did alcohol become ok? Another handy rule made up on the spot? And don’t tell me it was fermented blood, because this stuff was the color of apple juice, not even looking like red wine, so forget that.

2 thoughts on “Another plot hole or two”

  1. You cannot become a vampire until your blood has been drained and you are in a near-death state.

    Also, they can eat food; they just don’t get enjoyment or nourishment from it.

  2. Uh….no. They made it very clear in the episode about the rogue vampire that all that was needed was a taste of vampire blood, since the rogue became a vampire when he went to help the vampire he had hit with his car, and the vampire coughed blood into his mouth. The man then became a vampire and he hadn’t been injured at all.

    And as to the 2nd point, it doesn’t negate my point. Alcohol is pointless. Why drink it?


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