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OK, first, I must disappoint with the fact that I couldn’t find any gaping plot holes in Moonlight this week. Admittedly I wasn’t paying very much attention, but siiiiiighh. I actually kind of even liked the show, though it fulfilled my lame prediction that his ex-wife was going to come back and cause trouble somehow. But it worries me that I liked it. Either the show is getting smarter or I’m getting dumber. Eep!

If I weren’t so busy this week I would be even more sad that there was no Pushing Daisies this week. As it was, Wednesday was a gaping hole of sad emptiness, but I survived.

Now onto scrapbooking. I must mock myself. I am not typically a person who gets onto the popular craft bandwagon. And according to my husband, I have spent much time mocking those who do things like scrapbooking (a fact which I have conveniently forgotten). Spending so much time, money, and space on putting pictures onto fancy pages seemed silly to me, I guess. But as I get older and more nostalgic, I find myself SCRAPPING and LIKING it. I have stacks and stacks of photos that bring back great memories, but as I get older, more and more of the details are becoming lost to me. And so many of them are parts of times that are so important to me that they deserve to be remembered, more than just an image, but labeled and in context. I’ve been creating a scrapbook of my college years and it’s wonderful, remembering and putting things down, and thinking of how my descendants may now look at them someday and hopefully have an idea of what those wonderful years were like to me, so much more than simply photos in a box. I only wish my own ancestors had the ability and forethought to put such things together for us for our records. It’s amazing how much is lost in a single generation.

Oh, and I have to put a plug in here for Saturn. I’m not super-keen on their lower-level cars at this point (it was downright EMBARRASSING trying to get up a mountain in Utah in August of this year — I had no power!). However, their non-commissioned sales staff are TOP NOTCH in my book and we have always appreciated their honest approach. We research blue book values before we go look at cars, and Saturn has always offered us top dollar for our trade-ins without haggling. When we have bought used cars from them, they have typically BEAT the blue book price and have been very honest with us on the value and problems with the vehicle. But the thing that clinched my loyalty this week was this: five years ago we bought a brand-new vehicle from them and purchased the warranty with it, as we were told that we would get the money back at the end of the warranty period if we didn’t use it. Well, the warranty expired in September, so a little over a week ago I called to check on the status of the refund. A simple letter giving the status of our payoff was all that was necessary and we already have received the check — a sizable sum. Now I just wish that the Saturn company sold Priuses!

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