Chuck and What I Did This Summer

Well, first, I have to say that I love the show Chuck a little more each week. The pilot was only mildly impressive to me — I just thought the premise of a guy memorizing tons of things simply by being flashed images in the course of a few hours, was kind of stupid. But every week the characterizations just get better, and, let’s face it, when it comes right down to it I’m a sucker for the romantical. This week’s was just luscious on that front; I just find Chuck’s character to be so cute (am I a sucker for the geeky or what?) that I feast upon Sarah’s hidden liking of him with great delight, and I relish the fact that she now has to fight for him. Woo hoo!

Now, I have to repent of the sorry sin of neglecting an exciting tale of What I Did This Summer. It was only a week, actually, but it was still interesting. I went down to Education Week at BYU in August. Originally, it was primarily to meet friends I had met on the LDS online forum at But once I got there I was pleasantly surprised to find that the classes offered by BYU were insightful and informative, offering handy items on psychology, teaching skills, scriptures, and gospel topics. It was wonderful! I feel like it was something I was meant to be at — mostly because of the adventure I had getting down there. First, when I was just past Logan on I-84, I was run off the road by a retard in a little blue car. There were posts on the side of the road, but miraculously I was able to barely (and I mean by INCHES) keep between the posts and the retard who ran me off the road. THEN, when I was in Salt Lake on I-15, in the midst of construction, a huge piece of metal was flipped up from the side of the road and bounced off the top of my car, missing my windshield by less than 2 inches. It being in the middle of construction, there was no shoulder so I couldn’t pull off the road, and I really couldn’t even slow down from the 65 mph speed limit being in th midst of traffic the way I was. I felt very blessed to make it down to Ed Week with only a dent on the roof of my car to show for my adventures!
That was the biggest adventure of the week, but I had a great time while I was down there, seeing my brother, meeting my online friends, and getting to take some great classes for not much money, it was an awesome trip that I hope to make into an annual trek.

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