A Funny Old Story…

A friend reminded me that I also have some good old stories I can tell on here so I figure I would regale you with some of my college exploits. Since that’s the only time I ever really did anything interesting anyway. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, it was a Friday night and I was studying and making cinnamon rolls. My roommate Katie and I lived in an old 1920’s quadriplex with an old gas stove that was nearly as old as the apartment (that place was AWESOME). The oven’s temperature ran about 100 degrees hotter than it said (at least according to the few numbers you could still read on the dial) and it had to be lit with a match, so it was fun (remind me of the time I left my little sister there and she decided to bake something but she didn’t know you had to light the oven and she almost blew up the place). ANYWAY, my roommate had accidentally barely left the gas on. I mean, BARELY. Couldn’t hear a hiss. Couldn’t smell the gas. But it had built up in the oven, so when I went to light the oven I barely had time to think, ‘wait, was that all the way off?’ and back up before a ball of flame came at my head. I shut my eyes and ‘eeped’ as I heard a crackle and I started slapping at my head to try and put out any flames (luckily I don’t use hairspray!). My roommate heard the ‘eep’ and came to ask what happened. The conversation went kind of like this:
“Is my hair on fire?”
“Stick your head in the sink.”

So I did, and we turned on the water to hear the great sizzle of hot meeting cold and wet. Then we moved to the tub where it was easier to maneuver and really rinsed my hair out. When I was done, there was a ring of singed hair around the tub, my hairline was pushed back about an inch, and my eyelashes looked like I had taken scissors to them. I couldn’t stop laughing. Couple of things I learned about that experience:
1. It really IS an eternal law that you’re not supposed to study on a Friday night! and
2. I have Eyebrows of Steel, because they weren’t the slightest bit singed. What a dumb superpower to have.

2 thoughts on “A Funny Old Story…”

  1. Of all the things to read when I try to catch up on your blog! Well, I think you captured the moment well. Those crazy college days… πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Sorry I didn’t turn off the oven all the way. It wasn’t intentional, I promise!


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