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No, I’m NOT going to talk about Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for stuff but I try not to be thankful just once a year, so aside from the yumminess of turkey and stuffing, there’s not much to talk about there. Maybe once we move to Oklahoma one of these days it will be different.
I AM going to talk about Pushing Daisies real quick, though. Tonight was another brilliant episode. Where do they come up with such clever, unique plots and witticisms? Not only was the overall plot unique and clever, but the side bit about Chuck’s aunts dealing with depression was wonderfully profound as well. Man I can hardly handle how much I love this show.
Christmas is coming and it’s driving me nuts. There just isn’t enough money in the pocketbook to get all of the cool things I want to get for people. And I receive too dang many cool catalogues in the mail. Like Penzey’s and Patternworks and King Arthur Flour. Not to mention all the goodies you can still find at Amazon and Costco even without a temptingly colorful catalogue. So hey, you, go to those stores and buy cool stuff and tell me about it. That way I can get my Christmas shopping fix through you at least. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

Oh and speaking of holidays, my barbershop group is performing at the Old Time Christmas pageant thingy in Kuna at the Old High School Gym on the 1st of December at 1:00. Actually — we’ll be singing solos because one of the ladies can’t make it but you should come hear us sing anyway!

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