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First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMO!!! Not that she reads this. But you know, it’s out there now. šŸ™‚

Then I wanted to talk about this uber-cool website for music-type people. It’s got the typical cool stuff that any e-commerce site should have: a wishlist (that you can save and even send to other people), recommendations, etc. But the cool thing is the product. As most of you from anything smaller than a major metropolis know, it can sometimes be hard to find good sheet music. Most stores have pretty small collections, esp. if you want more than simple, or classical, or movie music, or anything using different instruments. But has just about EVERYTHING (except much female barbershop music. Sigh. Nobody’s perfect). You put in what you play, how you want to play it, and it will find music for you. PLUS, one of the nicest things as a contralto vocal performer, I can TRANSPOSE almost everything I buy to a key that sounds better with my voice. Sure, I can get up to the E above middle C if I have to, but I don’t sound too good up there. However, give me something that gets to the E BELOW middle C, and I actually sound halfway good! So I transpose it, I can hear a sample, I can see a sample, and I buy it and I get it immediately right off my printer. It’s so nice. So go and check it out and buy something. And no, I don’t get any commission. ;P

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